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Título: why english?
Publicado por: kebruto en 02 de Febrero de 2017, 07:51:41
i dont know because we must to learn english,  i like when my president dont talk english, only national product

the education is very bad in spain, the kids are swamped the information.

the excess of information is in english, we dont need the english

when any of your father o mother is english native, is perfect what you can speak two language, but if none speak english, why?

why we subtittles the film and series?

I dont like eeuu nor united kingdom, they want impose their culture and language, they is closed and we want into in english

i need the english only for consume

if the latin was the language of the soul, the english is the language of the money. and we are in crisis

i had to studied very summer because i dont understand hielo and yelow

ship fuck sheep bicth shit


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